I learned more about business owning one than at school.

The basic purpose of a school is to educate and prepare you for “you’re future”, to (supposedly) give you everything you’ll need to know to be a successful person with a sturdy career. So if the main focus of “you’re future” is one having a good career, and i’m learning everything I need to know for said career, How come most everything I’d learn in school only helps a small minority for each type of class. Why should math, sports etc be considered absolutely valuable for everyone in said classes. It shouldn’t, it isn’t. A while ago I’d started a business called Sandwiches by NL, the basic idea was to deliver handmade, fresh quality pre ordered deli sandwiches directly to an office with a free pun on every wrapper. I learned things about business that I never would’ve remembered in school. I learned about supply and demand, presentation, and approaching people when it felt awkward. You can do a lot more than run lemonade stands, and you don’t need school to do it.

Thanks for checking out my blog post. They’re should be more coming out every day with my new schedule. See you next time when I run for president.



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I thought I should share a fun cautionary children’s tale with you all.


There was a boy who ate some jam, he liked to eat it with his ham, he’s mother said to eat it plain “just one day boy I’ll go insane!” The boy said he did not agree “then wolves will chase you up a tree!” He didn’t listen to her word, and then flew in a giant bird, He tried to run but couldn’t do that, because the jam had made him fat, the bird flew in and snapped his jaw then picked him up with his claw, the bird flew bye a nest of bees and then they stung at the boys knees, the bird dropped him with such commotion, he fell right into the ocean, the ocean moved him to a lake “help me help me! Big mistake!” “Look at that boy” said little Donna “he’s getting eaten by piranhas!” The boy escaped the killer fish and becoming there main dish, he went back home his mind was riper but then he got chased by a sniper, “shame oh shame!” Said his mother she gave him a slap and then another. That’s the story of the child who ate his jam and acted wild. Remember if you eat you’re jam then do not eat it with your ham.

Story by NL Morehouse.

Why i don’t celebrate Halloween (the holiday special i never had)

I’m about 8 days late to the party with this, and that’s cause I suck at coming up with new posts. But here it is! I don’t remember exactly when but at some point this year I decided Halloween was pointless, why? Well because of 3 reasons

#1 Candy is overrated

Image result for nuclear waste(snicker’s secret ingredient)

I think sweetness is probably the simplest of flavors to taste, it good but its nothing unique, sure ill eat a snickers but its not like I want a full bucket of them. As I learned more about what goes into most candies and deserts i was really turned away, cancer causing chemicals, artificial nastiness in general, it just wasn’t worth it, most candy isn’t even that good!

#2 Dressing up isn’t very funImage result for crappy batman halloween costume(I think i stole this from another blog)

I don’t think iv’e had a single Halloween where I wasn’t sweating in my costume. And making one? oh ho ho ho, making one is awful. I’m very picky about this kind of stuff, I wont by my costume already made, I always loose lots of money putting together items of clothing and making masks that make me feel uncomfortable and have no use to me after (except for a bathrobe from last Halloween’s costume). I usually trip on them to.

#3 Its about nothing

Christmas is a celebration of giving, all the presents we thankfully have and all that were getting now. Thanksgiving is similar, its about what we have to be thankful for. Even Valentines day has mean, the simple celebration of love. And birthdays celebrate he existence of someone. With all that in mind, what exactly does Halloween celebrate?! Well its originally based on the holiday All saints day (all hallows day), a celebration of the dead. That’s basically the same thing day of the dead celebrates (a holiday i myself celebrate). But over time Halloween has become distatched from that, its so different now so really that doesn’t count. So it probably celebrates rotting teeth or something.

That’s why I don’t like Halloween. Thanks for checking this out and see you next time.



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Youtube and Television advertising, a match made in hell.

This is going to be a quick one. Hello! after many months of hiatus i’m back. have you ever watched a commercial and heard the advertiser say something like “yeeaah, i don’t think we could do that.” or “that would be kinda weird..”. The root of this “realistic” and “human” way of advertising with normal looking people, stuttering, and rambling off into unrelated topics can be traced to several sources but here’s two driving motivators.Image result for the office jim gif(jazz hands).

Jim Halpert from the mock-umentary “The Office”. The character Jim is known to talk to the camera in a very realistic, and unscripted sounding way (example phrases above), making him appear very accurate and easy to relate to. That and my second example seem to be driving factors in why many commercials are like this.Image result for youtube click gif

Youtube and its people. youtube has tended to be a place full of successful unprofessional-ism, what i mean by this is that people that post videos onto it tend to feel very unscripted, with stuttering and quotes like i said, similar to something along the lines of “yeaaah, that’s kinda weeeeirrd”. This for the most part is because many youtube channels aren’t heavily scripted, and also because somehow, stuttering and saying things in a disorganized, babyish manner, seem to make the jokes more funny to people. With all of that in mind let me just say, its kind of annoying to have had that rub off on business advertisers because ultimately, they aren’t good at it because they aren’t like the people on youtube, and end up forcing it and causing it to trail off from the point of they’re commercial in an un-entertaining way. I hope you enjoyed this mini-post, and im sure ill have another post to come!




Ricky Gervais (the office)

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim (youtube)

Why Minecraft is so popular.

For about 8 years, Minecraft has been a widespread gaming classic. And while I will admit its very overexposed, there’s very good reasoning for its popularity. Minecraft can be simple, a videogame where your goal is to build a house, survive the harshness of the world, and kill a dragon. But it doesn’t have to be. To put it simply, Minecraft is a way to do anything, and as much as that may sound ridiculous, bear with me and allow me to explain.

Minecraft has two official game-modes, Survival where you can do what I talked about above, and Creative where you are invincible, can fly, and have access to every element in the game, but even then you can do so much more. You don’t have to survive monsters or kill dragons, you don’t have to build forts or explore, you can use the redstone mechanic (the minecraftian version of electricity) to build giant tomagachi machines that need to be fed emeralds to survive, or massive devices that play classics like


on a 5 hour loop. You can use command blocks

Image result for minecraft command block

to either change the time of day, or create a complex machine that connects to your online account outside of Minecraft and orders a pizza from Domino’s. People have made new games out of Minecraft with no hacking involved.

Image result for minecraft lost on earth ufo game

In conclusion, Minecraft’s popularity stems from its possibility. Tons of games are customizable, but Minecraft is the easiest to use where you don’t need to write codes to customize your world and create your own features (an idea that’s expanded on with mods). Compare that to the game-creating social network “Roblox,” which relies on scripting and code. Even if you aren’t controlling the elements with creative mode, or creating new features with command blocks, you have the beginning, the optional end, and the middle, completely controlled and decided by you. That’s what I have to say about Minecraft, and I hope you enjoyed this post. There’s more to come.



Rick Astley (never gonna give you up)

Markus Alexej Persson (minecraft original idea)

“McMakistein” (lost on earth minecraft game)

Humor is NOT subjective.

When someone tells a joke and you say it’s unfunny, uncreative, god awful, the common defense is, “Well humor’s subjective”, I however disagree. For a long time I have had a problem with smiling or even laughing at someone’s frustration, and for a long time I have tried to figure out why I do this. I have found it seems to be a coping mechanism for tragedy and pressure. I can go one step further and say humor entirely is a coping mechanism for that which can be seen as negative, for a few examples.

Related image(a classic).

Let’s start with deconstructing this joke. You would go in expecting something unpredictable but instead you get the most obvious answer, and well you could see this as shocking or scary that you weren’t correct, humor prevents you from that reaction.

Image result for the far side jokes

Think about the darkness of this comic. William Tell’s son is heavily implied to be shot in the head and killed, that’s not funny, but the reason he dies is. Warren’s death involves his irregular head size, the size of his head is unusual and unnatural for humans and that can be perceived as negative, which is where the coping mechanism of humor kicks in, allowing us to enjoy the weirdness and absurd darkness of this idea. There’s even a good explanation for non sequitur’s and modern meme’isms I talked about in my first blog post.

Image result for non sequitur meme

They’re so stupid, so obviously pointless, meaningless, that we must laugh at them in order to not be scared or angered by their existence. In conclusion humor is not whatever you want it to be, it’s born in a negative situation where you need a positive outlook. Of course sometimes we can laugh in a situation where things need to be serious and there’s no room too take things lightly. Those are my thoughts on humor, and I hope you enjoyed them as well as my next post.


Gary Larson (William Tell’s other son)

What are memes, and what negative effect do they have on our culture.

Wikipedia defines a meme as “A meme (/ˈmm/ MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture” but this is not what most of the internet thinks it is, they happen to think a meme looks like this,

They are mildly right with the beginnings of these “meme”s being the compacted and quick version of saying something like, “I am going to mimic a confused white trash old lady who does not pronounce things right.”

Image result for wat meme.

My personal issue with memes is how I think it affects our culture’s idea of humor. you see, if Jimmy is with a group of friends, acquaintances, whatever, and he wants to make a joke, he can go with something intelligent like this,

Image result for intelligent joke(basic but smart).

But say jimmy is having trouble coming up with something, the simple answer, the one that most people in this generation come up with,

Image result for i can haz cheezburger.

A lot of children my age that I have interacted with have this tendency to speak in gibberish when bored or struggling to find a way to reply. A never ending cycle of spouting out memes instead of just saying nothing, because now there’s always something to say. with this random & stupid is funny mindset in modern times there’s a large lack of people learning intelligent humor and witty conversation, which I personally think a valuable part of society and social interaction. That’s all I have to say on the subject, and I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, there’s more coming soon.



Isaac Morehouse (the “WAT” description)

Bill Waterson (intelligent life/calvin and hobbes)

(no idea who created “i can haz cheezburger”)

(“we our number one” was ORIGINALLY made by tv show “lazytown”)