For about 8 years, Minecraft has been a widespread gaming classic. And while I will admit its very overexposed, there’s very good reasoning for its popularity. Minecraft can be simple, a videogame where your goal is to build a house, survive the harshness of the world, and kill a dragon. But it doesn’t have to be. To put it simply, Minecraft is a way to do anything, and as much as that may sound ridiculous, bear with me and allow me to explain.

Minecraft has two official game-modes, Survival where you can do what I talked about above, and Creative where you are invincible, can fly, and have access to every element in the game, but even then you can do so much more. You don’t have to survive monsters or kill dragons, you don’t have to build forts or explore, you can use the redstone mechanic (the minecraftian version of electricity) to build giant tomagachi machines that need to be fed emeralds to survive, or massive devices that play classics like


on a 5 hour loop. You can use command blocks

Image result for minecraft command block

to either change the time of day, or create a complex machine that connects to your online account outside of Minecraft and orders a pizza from Domino’s. People have made new games out of Minecraft with no hacking involved.

Image result for minecraft lost on earth ufo game

In conclusion, Minecraft’s popularity stems from its possibility. Tons of games are customizable, but Minecraft is the easiest to use where you don’t need to write codes to customize your world and create your own features (an idea that’s expanded on with mods). Compare that to the game-creating social network “Roblox,” which relies on scripting and code. Even if you aren’t controlling the elements with creative mode, or creating new features with command blocks, you have the beginning, the optional end, and the middle, completely controlled and decided by you. That’s what I have to say about Minecraft, and I hope you enjoyed this post. There’s more to come.



Rick Astley (never gonna give you up)

Markus Alexej Persson (minecraft original idea)

“McMakistein” (lost on earth minecraft game)


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